Case Study: An Employer’s Successful Implementation of an HSA Qualified Health Plan Option

In last month’s HJI newsletter and benefits blog, we discussed the general principles behind Health Saving Account (HSA) and High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) and why they are becoming more and more common in our local market.  Today, we are going to highlight one employer’s success story in..

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Opioid Use in the Workplace: Should I be Concerned?

My husband recently had shoulder surgery and his physician wrote him a prescription for oxycodone. He did not end up using the pills and they now sit in a bathroom drawer.  How many of you have experienced the same scenario if you recently had a tooth pulled or outpatient surgery?

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What’s So Special About Employee Assistance Programs?

  • Do you have employees who struggle with difficult financial problems?
  • Are there employees at your company who face challenges caring for elderly family members?
  • Has mental illness affected your staff or their families?
  • Does substance abuse impact the performance of some employees?
  • Have your..
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Are Those Cool Holiday Gifts You Received Covered By Insurance?

Author: Doug Lefeber

Category: Personal Insurance

Perhaps you got engaged over the holidays and if so, you might have even thought about insuring the ring. Congratulations and good for you for thinking about insurance!

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Are You at Risk for Cyber Extortion?

What would you do if someone claimed to have accessed your customers’ private data and threatened to release the information unless you paid them $100,000? 

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Improving Effectiveness Of Your Contract Administration Process

I just got back from our local Associated General Contractors (AGC) winter membership meeting and would like to share some thoughts.  Bob Barker and our local AGC team lined up two excellent presenters.  The latter speaker, Ryan Howsom, focused his presentation around a survey commissioned by..

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President Trump Issues Executive Order on the ACA

President Trump issued an Executive Order on the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”).  Right now, the order has no immediate effect on employers who are in the process of complying with the ACA’s reporting requirements (Forms 1094 and 1095), which are not rescinded by the order.

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HSA and HDHP Plans Are Common Practice, But Why?

Author: Kyle Von Ruden

Category: Employee Benefits

As a Benefits Consultant, I value the opportunity in providing employers the tools they need to establish and maintain a high level of Benefits that best fit their company.  After all, employees are our greatest asset!  I’m not here to introduce breaking news, but simply bring awareness to a..

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6 Reasons to Become a Great Place to Work

Author: Leslie Osman

Category: Great Place to Work

What makes a great place to work? The benefits? A good winter party? Flexible hours?

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